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Mind Over Marketing View Points One of the things I often encourage clients to do is to get feedback about proposed ideas, text or tools. So, in the spirit of practicing what I preach, I asked my clients and colleagues to share their thoughts about my work: about the experience of working with me, and the results that we achieved together. Here, in unedited form, are some of the things they had to say.  
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“I always look forward to working with Mind Over Marketing. It makes work fun, interesting, creative and very satisfying.
It doesn't get any better than that.”

“Extremely helpful, motivating, and energizing. Your recommendations have been right on target.
Your enthusiasm is contagious and your ideas are exciting.”

“Professional, clear thinking, exceeds expectations, delivers on time high quality work- every time!”

“Very helpful, efficient, timely in responses. I feel like I can contact Julie in a crisis situation and get quick, honest help.”

“You are efficient, timely, concerned, interested in listening to our stakeholders. Your work is innovative and pertinent to our
mission. It has been a great experience for all of us.”

“Engaging, focused, partnering, collaborative, fun, imaginative, professional, customer centric, exponential value, results oriented.”

“It has been a relief to put tasks in Julie's capable hands. The outcome is always professional and her writing style is very
compelling and down-to-earth (read: no jargon). Working with her has been uplifting as she brings promptness, competence,
and a 'can-do' spirit.”

“Collaborative, inspiring, fun!”

“We appreciate the flexibility and reliability of Mind over Marketing. Julie follows through on projects and pays attention to the little details.”


“Promotional materials that are impressive; game plans that are achievable; cohesion in our messaging.”

“Mind Over Marketing helped articulate a clear communication to our clients. Your work has created a high level of confidence and professionalism in the mind of our clients.”

“Mind Over Marketing has helped clarify our purpose and has helped us professionalize our image. We also have much better
language to talk about what we do.”

“Your work makes me look good in the eyes of my clients. I am able to take your message and content to a visual level that people can get connected to and love. Without your talent and skills, my work would not have the same impact.”

“Our marketing materials are cleaner and clearer, giving us a more professional look. The strategy behind the materials involved a creative mix of graphics and copy.”

“All of our objectives have been reached because of the writing quality.”

“I think Julie is great. She has always brought me back to reality instead of just blindly following my half baked ideas.”

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